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I have years of experience auditing. This experience includes varying types and sizes of Plan, varying types and sizes of Administrators; varying types and sizes of Attorney, varying types and sizes of Benefit Consultant, varying types and sizes of Investment Custodian, varying types and sizes of Investment Manager, and varying types and sizes of Investment Advisor. There is no Plan to big or to small. My firm has grown from too to more than too full-time employees.

I invest much of My time to encouraging each of My employees to be creative and innovative and productive and to make My firm better as a whole. Many of My workpaper templates have been created internally to focus on the unique. I sign every audit before it is issued.

Who is Auditing Your Plan?


Most CPAs will attend annually either the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Annual Conference, AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Update Conference, IFEBP Annual Conference, or IFEBP Plan Professional’s Conference. I have attended AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Conferences, AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Update Conferences, IFEBP Collection Conferences (for payroll audits), IFEBP Plan Professional (Accounting and Auditing) Conferences and IFEBP Annual Conferences. I have been a speaker at Conferences.

Alma Vazquez will continue to attend the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association Annual Conferences. This conference provides unparalleled learning opportunities related to combating health care fraud and abuse.

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Dedicated to My Clients

Although I am hired by Boards of Trustees, I work for the participants of each Plan. There is no Plan to big or to small. I realize that these working men and women are providing Me with My livelihood and I owe them My best effort every year and on every audit. 

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